Hibiscus Home How It All Started

 How it all started...

Laurie grew up in Burnaby and learned to use her creativity from her mom who was an Interior Designer. Laurie's father instilled a good work ethic which was practiced every Saturday morning doing chores and baking for the household.

Laurie was brought up with the idea that gifts were something someone gave from their heart, and they were to be appreciated and recognized by the giver. She always loves making sure she gets a gift for someone that would be customized to their taste, and was unique.

Laurie has done  Cake Decorating, Floral Design, Interior Design and Colour Design as well as a Gift Basket Designer.

With the help of a friend Laurie opened a gift basket design business. It was challenging but rewarding to her as she enjoyed the thrill of seeing a gift come together and to deliver it to someone and watch the look on their face when they took it from her. The business needed money to move forward and spread their wings. Unfortunately the partner decided to leave the business. Laurie debated long and hard on what she should do. Laurie wasn't sure whether to continue building the business or just pack it in altogether.

She decided to get some help from the industries mentors, so she attended more seminars, went to more trade shows. Now with even more information and confidence, Laurie set out on a slightly curvier path which led her to new ventures a new business owning a health food store and more schooling, but the gifts design work kept on coming back to her. She would get a call from someone in another province needing a basket or customized gift or someone asking her if she still had the business because they wanted one of her designed creations.

Laurie had now become a Certified Interior Designer and Certified Colour Consultant.

 Laurie's first job was for herself. She had the opportunity to design and build her own design studio space something she had always dreamed of since she was a little girl. Laurie remembers pressuring her father to build her a treehouse or clubhousewhen she was young.

Laurie called her business and studio Hibiscus Home. It is situated around two of the beautiful purple Hibiscus trees that adorn the property. Laurie's love for Hawaii , Hibiscus Flowers and all her time spent in Hawaii contributed to where the name came from. 

Laurie now offers Colour, Decor and Design Consultations as well offers Gift Consultations.